The Three hour program aims at giving an opportunity to the church goers and televiewers to reflect on the Passion and Death of our Lord Jesus Christ.




Happily, the program has earned tremendous positive feedback from televiewers, particularly from various lay charismatic communities and religious sectors.

Through the years, MCFI developed the program format by including lay personalities to share their life testimonies relating to the "Word" of Christ preached by the priests before their sharing.

Viewers listened in rapt attention to the talks and sharing which were highly inspiring, interesting, and even entertaining. Somehow, the audience could identify themselves with the personal trials and experiences of the speakers.

Moreover, the format includes prayer reflections led by seven families to signify the importance of the family in society. To inspire the audience in their reflections, song presentations are rendered by choice celebrity singers and choirs.

The creative format has been a refreshing change from the traditional mode wherein the speakers, which consisted of selected priests only, would read from their prepared scripts.